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World Cup 2022: Iran’s Ehsan Hajsafi stands up over conditions in his nation of origin

Nov 21, 2022

Iran commander Ehsan Hajsafi took a stand in opposition to the circumstance in his nation of origin before his country’s initial game against Britain at the World Cup.

Mass enemy of government fights in Iran have been met with a furious crackdown as of late.

Addressing correspondents in front of Monday’s down in Qatar, the 32-year-old said the players “support” the people who have passed on.

Common liberties activists have expressed in excess of 400 nonconformists have been killed and 16,800 others captured in a crackdown by security powers.

Iran’s chiefs say the fights are “riots” organized by the country’s unfamiliar foes.

“Prior to whatever else, I might want to communicate my sympathies to each of the dispossessed families in Iran,” safeguard Hajsafi said toward the beginning of the news meeting.

“They ought to comprehend that we are with them, that we support them, and that we care about them.”

Iran’s tempestuous development in the midst of mass enemy of government fights
Iran manager Carlos Queiroz says players ‘allowed to dissent’
“We can’t deny the circumstances – the circumstances in my nation are bad and the players know it likewise,” the AEK Athens full-back added.

“Anything we have is from them. We need to battle, we need to play out all that can be expected and score objectives, and present the courageous individuals of Iran with the outcomes.

The development to the competition had seen calls for Iran to be removed from the World Cup, with campaigners refering to the nation’s supposed military support for Russia’s attack of Ukraine and common freedoms issues including its treatment of ladies.

‘Remarkable remarks’ – Examination
Shaimaa Khalil, BBC News, Doha

These remarks are phenomenal – not really in light of information disclosed but since of who has said them and where he said them.

It would be strange for a senior player to say anything political in a competition like this – however for him to seem to favor the Iranian protestors and to recognize individuals in Iran are miserable is huge. Keep in mind, he’s offering these remarks in Qatar, the host of the World Cup and a key Iran partner.

Over the most recent couple of days, I’ve met various Iranian ladies here in Doha. Some were glad to talk straightforwardly and furiously against what’s going on in their nation of origin, others were more hesitant – all said they wouldn’t uphold the Iranian group since it was connected to the Iranian government.

What Hajsafi said today could change this thought. It’s hazy what the repercussions will be for him in Iran – he might have the option to guarantee that he was communicating compassion toward police officers, as opposed to protestors, who have kicked the bucket.

In any case, here the specialists have fiercely gotten serious about so many of those standing in opposition to abuse.