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The doctor should be canceled due to medical reasons

Aug 27, 2022

Die rzte was scheduled to perform a sold-out open-air event at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin three days in a row, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, the first show must be canceled on short notice. It’s still unclear whether Saturday’s performance will go well. Die rzte’s concert in Berlin tonight was canceled just hours before it was scheduled to begin. Unlike the band’s previous club gig, which had to be canceled owing to illness in the band, this time the weather is to blame. The show booked for Friday was an outside presentation at Tempelhofer Feld. A weighty downpour has been falling over Berlin since the evening. Lightning can likewise be seen and thunder heard. The tempest is supposed to heighten at night. The band Donots, who should be supporting Die Ärzte, were quick to illuminate their fans that the show was, really, a disappointment. (Dear individuals) the present show must be dropped. because of the terrible climate and risk to life and appendage. Everybody here is sad. Kindly return home safe and sound, the band said in a proclamation.

Awful Lightning Discharges

Somewhat later, Die-Ärzte-drummer Bela B likewise tended to every individual who had gotten a ticket for the show on Friday in a story on his Instagram page. “The present show has been dropped,” he says into his cell phone camera under an overhang on the previous air terminal site in Tempelhof. He approaches all individuals who are not there yet not to set off by any stretch of the imagination. The police and fire detachment presently not permitted anybody onto the premises. There isn’t just an authority storm cautioning, the artist makes sense of it for the absolutely disheartened fans. It is additionally not out of the ordinary with vile lightning releases over the site. (Furthermore) I feel that is not super great when it boils down to a group says Bela B. Two more sold-out Die Ärzte shows are anticipated Saturday and Sunday in a similar area. Albeit the weather conditions figure for Saturday in Berlin additionally looks pretty hopeless, holding the concert is as yet arranged. Just the holders of a ticket for the show on Sunday can take a full breath. Agreeable weather conditions are normal in Berlin toward the week’s end.