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Plan for a music classroom on a bus at a school in Warwick

Sep 26, 2022

A bus has been given to a school so that it can be converted into a music classroom.

Evergreen Special School in Warwick’s Dawn Sauvage said that due to overcrowding, their former classroom was used for other lessons.

She then had the “crazy” notion to turn a bus into a customized place so the students could continue playing music.

Johnson’s Coaches donated the bus. Peter Johnson, the director, remarked that it was “such a nice positive we can do.”

Peter Johnson thinks that the upcoming Slash will be motivated by the vintage bus

We love being a part of the community because we are a community provider, he added.

“We’ve been here 100 years; it will be enjoyable to do as well, we’ll giggle sorting it out, and if the next Slash learns to play the guitar in this old bus, I’ll feel like I’ve done my part,” said the speaker.

When fully occupied, the old public transportation bus, which has logged 600,000 miles, could accommodate over 70 passengers.

To make the bus safe, the company removed the paneling, seats, engine, and gearbox. However, the school is now looking for tradespeople to assist with the conversion.

Before the refit, the bus’s seats, paneling, and the engine will be removed.

Additionally, they are seeking gifts of musical instruments, audio recording gear, and the indispensable disco ball.

Sam Morle, the assistant head teacher, remarked, “Some of our students will never succeed in reading, writing, or math, but they can all pick up a triangle, they can all tap a drum, they can all pick up a tambourine.

“It’s incredibly crucial, it helps them unwind, it’s therapeutic, and we need a location where they can have it as a part of their curriculum,” the speaker said.