• Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

In a reversal, Apple will continue to use Qualcomm chips in 2023.

Nov 3, 2022

QualcommInc. will continue to give the modem chips for the “ vast maturity ” of iPhones in 2023, a turnaround for a company that had anticipated to lose the business to AppleInc.’s homegrown factors.

Qualcomm had planned to only give about 20 of the 5G modem corridor for the new iPhones in 2023, but now expects to retain its current base, according to commentary that accompanied its earnings report Wednesday. The statement verified that Apple wo n’t be moving to its own in- house modem design for coming time’s models.

Since settling a action with Qualcomm in 2019 and agreeing to use that company’s technology inside iPhones for the foreseeable future, Apple went to work on erecting its own cellular modem, Bloomberg News has reported. Apple company chip development by chief told staff in year 2020 that development of the part was underway.

But before this time, Bloomberg News reported that Apple’s sweats have been stymied by prototype performances of the modems overheating and that the company would n’t begin a switch until 2024 at the foremost.

Qualcomm continues to assume it’ll only admit minimum profit benefactions from Apple in financial 2025.

The reprieve handed little comfort to Qualcomm investors Wednesday. The company is scuffling with a broader depression in smartphone demand and delivered a far weaker cast than anticipated. The shares slid as important as8.4 in late trading.