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Five common Android issues and how to resolve them

Oct 28, 2022

From Google Play not downloading and installing apps to slow charging, here are some simple solutions to the most common Android problems.

Android bias regard for the maturity of mobile phones, but the operating system is far from perfect. Every formerly in a while, colorful issues pop up. Indeed though some might be device specific, there are some problems that live no matter which phone it is. Then, we will be giving you results for the five most common problems Android druggies might frequently face.

Slow Charging

It does n’t matter if you have a flagship phone or amid-range device, occasionally you might notice that your Android phone is taking too long to charge. While utmost of the time a imperfect string is at play, occasionally the charging slipup is also unfit to give the power needed to charge the phone.

still, try using another string or charging the phone with a different bowl, If you suppose you have a defective string or bowl. Another reason for slow charging could be background apps. However, they take up significant coffers which leads to an increase in power draw, If you have lots of apps open on your phone.

A common illustration of this is playing games while charging. As a result, the phone is unfit to charge as presto as it typically would. To fix this, you might want to clear all apps from memory and also charge it.

Some device manufacturers like OnePlus and Oppo frequently transport their phones with personal chargers. However, try resorting back to the bowl and the string that came with your phone, If you’re using a third- party bowl.

In some situations, the charging harborage might be damaged and hence wo n’t deliver the power to charge your phone typically. In similar cases, you have no option but to visit the service center or a original mobile shop and ask them to repair or change the charging harborage.

Google Play Store not working

This is an prickly problem Android druggies are yet to get relieve of. Every formerly in a while, you might not be suitable to download or install any apps on your phone. Downloading a new app might get wedged mid-way or the system might not be suitable to download or install it in the first place.
Clear cache of plays tore. go to app setting and click on play store. Now, valve on Play Store and on the screen that pops up, click on the ‘ Force Stop ’ option.