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A lavish EM festival is enjoyed by track and field athletes in Munich

Aug 23, 2022

Decoration craze and party climate in the Olympic Stadium: The German Olympic style sports competitors required their additional opportunity and encountered a late spring fantasy at the home European Championships in Munich after the World Cup injury. The generally terrible showing in Eugene is currently being upset.

On the last day of the European Championships, the DLV competitors let it tear once more. Most importantly , the ladies’ run hand-off around 100-meter European boss Gina Lückenkemper, who regardless of a harmed knee, drove the group of four to gold – her second in Munich. Around 45,000 fans rose from their seats during the respectable lap. Spear hurler Julian Weber had currently astonishingly shed the standing of being unfortunate after fourth spot at the Olympics and the World Championships and succeeded Thomas Röhler with 87.66 meters.

Following decade back at the highest point of the award table

With 16 awards – multiple times gold, multiple times silver, twice bronze – the German olympic style sports competitors accomplished a great in general outcome, yet in addition came out ahead of the pack in the last decoration table. This was last accomplished in 2012 at the European Championships in Helsinki (6/7/5).Four quite a while back in Berlin there were multiple times valuable metal (6/7/6).

Olympic Stadium sets principles

The DLV starters were truly fun in Munich and touched off a firecracker of feelings. They cherished the home group – and adored them back. The Olympic Stadium set guidelines for future scenes.

European Championships without sports from now on?

All things considered: The blissful EM party ought to have expanded the interest in games as the fundamental fascination of the European Championships. The European affiliation EA needs to make a choice about this soon. Competitors are reliably eager to be essential for something greater. Yet, that won’t matter.

“The European games delegates have seen that they are only one of nine games and never again have the significance that we give ourselves,” said the German affiliation president Jürgen Kessing, who is an individual from the EA Council. “One might want to stress the ‘remain solitary’ as a brand name once more.”